Maintenance which you can purchase after the two years of included maintenance have passed

Each DemoRecorder license comes with an extensive set of services for the first two years after purchase of the license, or for DemoRecorder 24x7 projects since 2019, for the first year after the final acceptance milestone or after starting operational use, whichever is earlier.

After this initial period of included maintenance, you can purchase maintenance which will give you the same set of services.

Your yearly investment for this maintenance package is 17% of the original license price plus adjusted for inflation since the purchase of the original license.

Enough introductory comments: Please read the description of our services and guarantees which are included in the maintenance package

Services Included with purchased maintenance

The following services are included during the period of maintenance:


Frequently asked Questions

Q: Can I save money by ordering maintenance later (when I "need" it?)
A: No you can't, Actually, you risk higher cost.
Here is why:
  • You don't save any money by ordering maintenance later because there must not be any gaps in maintenance. I.e. if you purchase the maintenance four months late, then this will still be from the prior maintenance expire. (Also, the maintenance may get more expensive in nominal price because its price is tied to inflation.)

    When you order maintenance late, you may save a few dollars for interest on that money, but you'll have an increased risk that you'll have a higher cost if you need maintenance services from me while out of maintenance.

    Which leads us to the next point:

  • Maintenance is like an insurance: If you need me for support or bugfixing, then this is covered by maintenance.

    It is not OK to purchase maintenace on the occasion of a need for maintenance services, like it's not OK to purchase an insurance on the occasion of the kind of event that's covered by the insurance. In both cases, the cost of dealing with the current event is not covered by maintenance or by any insurance.

    If you are out of maintenance and need maintenance services, then:

    • you'll pay my standard hourly rate of US$199 for these services
    • plus you might have to purchase a license upgrade if that's necessary for fixing a problem.
  • If you are too long out of maintenance for a license ( longer than a year ), then you cannot purchase maintenance-extension anymore. Instead, there is the option of purchasing an upgrade license, which costs about 50% of a new license and which includes 2 years of maintenance.

    ( The offer to purchase maintenance extension, if you are out of maintenance for shorter than a year, is a kind of a tolerance time-span where you can continue your maintenance when a gap emerged ( because you forgot to renew for a while due to various reasons... )
    I may shorten the tolerance period in the future. )

Here's why this policy is good for everybody:
  • This policy provides a financial incentive and appropriate funding for making the quality of DemoRecorder as good as possible, so that problems arise rarely. This is like an insurance which uses part of its funds for activities which reduce the risk of bad events.

    After all, not needing support and bugfixing due to good product quality is still better for you than needing support or a bugfix. Reason: If you need support or a bugfix, it still costs some of your time and you may have some interruption of service.

    So, this policy alignes customer interest with vendor interest, and that's always good.

    So, many of the activities funded by your maintenance-payment happen behind the scenes, in order to prevent any problems.

    Of course, one cannot avoid all problems. So it is good to have an insurance-like service in place which mitigates and fixes those problems.

  • Support is not only about fixing problems. It is also about getting answers to questions about optimal usage of DemoRecorder.

    Even in that area, the insurance-like model provides alignment of interest as follows: It provides an incentive and appropriate funding for the following measures:

    • make the usage of DemoRecorder so easy that questions about optimal usage emerge less frequently.

    • make the online FAQ and other documentation so good that you and other customers can get instant answers for many of his/her questions.

    Again, this creates alignment of interest between vendor and customer because it is better to know what to do without having questions, and to have most remaining questions answered instantly than to having to wait for answers from support.

    Of course some question will still remain. So it's is good to have a service in place which makes sure that your questions are answered.

  • Alternative policies which do not offer an insurance-like maintenance, actually create a conflict of interest between vendor and customer. Or they risk to provide insufficient funding for quality measures, if the vendor is interested in providing good quality due to his high ethics.

    (Since I am interested in providing good quality due to ethical reasons, I created a system which actually enables me to do so. An important part of ethics is to make sure that ethical behavior is actually sustainable in practical terms.)

  • If you are more than one year out of maintenance, purchasing an upgrade license (with 2 years of maintenance included) is actually cheaper than purchasing maintenance for the gap:

    • more than 17%+inflation of the orig license price for a gap which is greate than one year
    • plus 2 times 17%+inflation for the two years of maintenance included in the upgrade license
    • is more than 51%+inflation of the orig license price.

    Therefore the price of an upgrade license (which is 50% of the current list price) is lower if the gap is larger than one year. ( Assuming that license prices are roughly tied to inflation... which is often, but not always, the case. )

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The saying goes:
        “a picture says
more than 1000 words.”

Well, and I'd like to add:
        “a video says
more than 100,000 words.”
DemoRecorder in the Media

A comparison of screencasting apps for Linux (including DemoRecorder)
(first published in Linux Format Magazine, issue July 2009.)

Interview on the Linux Link Tech Show. Please select Episode 154.

DemoRecorder featured in Linux-User Magazine (in German)

Your video can contain sound narration recorded from microphone.
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