Who else offers services and guarantees like that, included with each and every license?
(Especially in the software field?)

DemoRecorder comes with an extensive set of services and guarantees which you won't find with most software vendors. (More specifically, I have never seen a software vendors which such a rich set of services and guarentees.)

In fact most software vendors will probably think that I am crazy to offer such guarantees and that I am setting standards which are too high. ( Too high for them, I guess :-) )
Actually, I like raising the standards... Makes the world a better place in one tiny aspect.

Enough introductory comments: Please read the description of our services and guarantees and judge for yourself:

Services Included with Each License


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DemoRecorder Box
Training of users is expensive ...
        if you do it manually
again and again.

You can save a whole lot of money ...
... if you do it once and record it
so your users can watch it again and again
--> without you lifting a finger
--> and without spending any more money.
DemoRecorder in the Media

A comparison of screencasting apps for Linux (including DemoRecorder)
(first published in Linux Format Magazine, issue July 2009.)

Interview on the Linux Link Tech Show. Please select Episode 154.

DemoRecorder featured in Linux-User Magazine (in German)

Your video can contain sound narration recorded from microphone.
View and listen to the example.

BTW, the website DemoRecorder.com is hosted on Neue Medien Münnich ( all-inkl.com ) in Europe.

The US download mirror ist hosted on Host Gator .