Site Licenses of DemoRecorder

Site Licenses - Attractive prices for sites, workgroups, whole companies or other organisations

Site licenses are attractive ways to purchase licenses of DemoRecorder for use in larger quantities.

Below you will first find explanations and conditions for site licences in form of questions and answers and then a table with prices

"What qualifies as a site?"

We have a very liberal policy of what is a site. So it is mostly up to you what is a site.

This may actually be

The size of a site is defined as the number of computers where DemoRecorder is installed.

The primary condition of a site is that a site has to be a part of one single organisation. There are the following exceptions for this rule:

"What does not qualify as a site?"

Everything which spans multiple organisations does not qualify as a site.

In particular, a reseller, consultant or value added reseller with all of its customers does not qualify as a site. Each customer has to purchase seperate individual or site-licenses through this reseller (or directly at

"What is the difference to purchasing individual licenses?"

There are multiple differences:

"How much do site licenses cost?"

Site licenses are provided for a specific number of screens or hosts whichever applies for a specific SKU.

The price is calculated by the following discount scheme. The limits on contact persons are determined by the highest discount level used.

Please contact me at chris{at} for getting a quote or for asking questions. Please replace {at} by @ in the email adress.)

part of undiscounted price max number of contact persons at a certain point in time max number of different contact persons within a year discount percentage applied to the part of the undiscounted price selected by the price range
$0 - $3500 no cite license available for less than $3000 undiscounted price 0%
$3500 - $11500 1 3 40%
$11500 - $58000 2 4 45%
$58000 - $290000 4 7 50%
$290000 - $1150000 7 10 55%
above $1150000 10 15 65%

"How to order site licenses?"

Please send an email to chris{at} stating the details of your request for quote. (Please replace {at} by @ in the email adress.) Then we will send a quote to your for reviewing. After you have accepted the quote, e.g., by sending us a purchase order of your organization, the order is placed, and order fulfilment and invoicing process starts.

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