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How do I get sound recording work in RHEL 4/GNOME?

In the volume-control of RHEL-4, the following conditions have to be fulfilled:

1. The volume for both Mic and Capture has to be turned up (start with the maximum on both and reduce as needed)

2. The "Rec" - Checkbox for the "Mic" has to be checked

3. No other "Rec" - Checkboxes may be checked.
But on some systems the "Rec" - Checkbox of "Capture" has to be checked, too.

4. the "Mute" - Checkbox for "Mic" and "Capture" have to be unchecked.

5. After the above conditions are met, it may be necessary to uncheck the "Rec" checkbox for the "Mic" and then check it again.
    ( In particular this is necessary if other Rec checkboxes where checked prior to unchecking them.)

6. To get a decent volume, you may have to check or uncheck the "Mute"-Checkbox on the "Mic Boost ( +20db )"

Here is an image of how the VolumeControl should look like:

How to configure the Mixer/VolumeControl for recording

(Please note that on some systems, the "Rec"-checkbox for "Capture" has to be checked, too.
This is especially true for CentOS-4.4.)

Hope this helps,

P.S. The VolumeControl can be found under "The redhat-menue"-> "Sound & Video" -> "Volume Control"

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