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How do I record the screen of another computer?
How to succeed:

Please note:

This is not yet supported in the release version. Please download and install the debug-snapshot from March 12, 2008: Please install this version as follows:
  • close all DemoRecorder-windows (if there are some running)
  • Then please do the following as root in a shell-window:
    cd /opt
    mv DemoRecorder DemoRecorder.orig
    tar xvpzf yourDownloadDir/DemoRecorder-Debug-20080312-1.tgz
    cp DemoRecorder.orig/licenses/* DemoRecorder/licenses/
( This is a version which is built without compiler optimization and therefore may run a bit slower than a real release. )

This HOWTO describes how to setup remote recording with DemoRecorder.

We use the following terminology:

  • "client" means the computer whose screen is to be recorded. The hostname of the client is "clienthostname". Whereever you find this in the instructions please replace it with the hostname of the client.
  • "bigbrother" means the computer on which you start and stop the recording. The hostname of "bigbrother" is "bigbrotherhostname".

Here's how to set it up:

  • On the client ( with hostname "clienthostname" ) please do the following steps:
    • setup fullscreen recordering according to the instructions in /opt/DemoRecorder/doc/InstallFullscreen.txt
    • Please make sure that the option "DisallowTCP" in the gdm.conf file is set to "false" or commented out.
    • After you have restarted X11, please issue the follwing command to allow the bigbrother to access the client:
      xhost +bigbrotherhostname
    • Please export a directory by NFS which you can mount on the same path at bigbrother. For example:
      • Create a directory called /Net/clienthostname/demorec-tmp as follows:
        mkdir -p /Net/clienthostname/demorec-tmp
      • Export that directory or the parent-directory of it. e.g. export the directory /Net/clienthostname
      • Make sure that it is writable and readable on both computers. The easiest way is to give it all rights:
        chmod 777 /Net/clienthostname/demorec-tmp
  • On the bigbrother please do the following:
    • Please mount the exported directory from the client at the same path
      mkdir -p /Net/clienthostname
      mount clienthostname:/Net/clienthostname /Net/clienthostname
      (or make the corresponding entry in /etc/fstab, so that the mounting is done automatically then)
    • To start the Recording-console please enter:
      demorec --remote-rec clienthostname:0.0 --tmp-rec-dir /Net/clienthostname/demorec-tmp

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