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Can I restrict recording to a single window?
How to succeed:

Restricting the recording to a single window cannot be done directly while recording.
Therefore please proceed as follows to get the same end-result:

With any export filter you can select an arbitrary rectangular area when exporting to any target format.

This is done using the option --rectangle widthxheight+x+y

--rectangle widthxheight+x+y
Export from a rectangular area of the original video.
is the number of pixels from the left edge of the original video to the left edge of the rectangle.
is the number of pixels from the upper edge of the original video to the upper edge of the rectangle.
is the width of the rectangle in pixels
is the height of the rectangle in pixels
Export whole recording ( if this option is not given ).
The following example is one single line (just broken up in multiple lines due to line-size limitations).
 --rectangle 500x400+50+30
Probably you have to experiment with the numbers to be used in order to get the result you want.

To speed this up, I suggest playing back the video with DemoRecorder and making a screenshot with gimp.
gimp displays the coordinates of the mouse cursor within a gimp-window. Based on these coordinates you can get some good values for the numbers.

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