Answer of FAQ

I have bought DemoRecorder license(s) but didn't get the email with the Activation Codes.
Probably you have mistyped your email adress in the online shop.
How to succeed:
If you still have the order-confirmation-webpage open:
Please print out the confirmation webpage. The activation-code is included in it.
Please send an email to and include the following information:
  • Your name which you used in the order form.
  • Your house-address which you used in the order form.
  • Your phone-number which you used in the order form.
  • Your correct email address.
  • What did you buy ?
    (which edition of DemoRecorder (Standard, Web, Pro). Quantity.)
  • When did you buy it?
We will then provide you with the activation codes of your order and we will correct your email-adress in our database.

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DemoRecorder Box
Training of users is expensive ...
        if you do it manually
again and again.

You can save a whole lot of money ...
... if you do it once and record it
so your users can watch it again and again
--> without you lifting a finger
--> and without spending any more money.
DemoRecorder in the Media

A comparison of screencasting apps for Linux (including DemoRecorder)
(first published in Linux Format Magazine, issue July 2009.)

Interview on the Linux Link Tech Show. Please select Episode 154.

DemoRecorder featured in Linux-User Magazine (in German)

Your video can contain sound narration recorded from microphone.
View and listen to the example.
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