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Is the license movable to another computer?

Yes, the license is movable and the whole licensing works as follows:

  1. When you purchase your license, you get an activation-code which uniquely identifies your license.
  2. To activate your license for a specific hardware, please go to
    and follow the instructions there.
    ( You will have to enter your activation code and a host-id generated by the program "demorec_hostid" and you will then get a license file which activates the features of the license when installed. )
  3. If you want to move the license to another computer, you just go to
    again and you activate it for the new computer.
    During that process you will be presented a screen which requests confirmation that you won't use the license on the old computer anymore, i.e. that it is a real "move".
That's all.
P.S. If you want to use it on different computers all the time (not just occasionally moving it to another system), I recommend you purchase floating licenses at:

floating license are not yet technically managed, so you will, as an intermediate solution get a temporary license which is not bound to the hardware, which will later be replaced by a technically managed floating license later.
Normal (non-floating) license can be bought at

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