Pricing of DemoRecorder-24x7

Some general guidelines:

Prices of the Base Product and Optional Modules

ModuleYearly license feeMetricComment
Base productUS$ 337per Screen
Mouseclick and Keyboard recording US$ 97 per Keyboard and Mouse combination ( which usually means "per computer" ) Available since Version
External data recording APIUS $97per demorec-proxy process ( which usually means "per computer" ) Availability date not yet determined, please ask.

Volume Discounts for Individual Licenses

Volume discounts are applied individually per order. Volume discounts for individual licenses:
Undiscounted Price Range of one purchase in US$Discount
1,700 - 3,3003%
3,300 - 8,4005%
8,400 - 33,6007%
33,600 - 84,20010%
84,200 - 336,00012%
336,000 - 842,00015%
842,000 - 3,336,00018%
3,336,000 or more20%


Princing of site-licenses is based on the same things as individual licenses. There are just different volume discounts.

That means, you can tailor a site-license for your individual needs.

Conditions for qualifiying for a site-license:

Discounts for Site-licenses:
Undiscounted Price Range in US$ max number of contact persons at a certain point in time max number of different contact persons within a year Discount
3,300 - 8,4001220%
8,400 - 33,6001224%
33,600 - 84,2002330%
84,200 - 336,0002434%
336,000 - 842,0003640%
842,000 - 3,336,0005846%
3,336,000 or more71050%

Licenses for Shorter Periods than a Year

Sometimes you'll need licenses for shorter periods, such as In this case the following applies:
DemoRecorder Box

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